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You seem to have stumbled upon the wonderful account of the marvellous, incredible, amazing, and very, very handsome, Lopyt! Of course, this is no surprize, for everyone is looking for such a godly figure as myself at least once in their lives.

OnlineSequencer is where I discovered music composition and since 2017, I've been musicing up some very tasty air wiggles. I know, I am just that awesome. Anywayzz if you wish for me to bless your poor inferior soul with my vast invaluable wealth of knowledge, feel obligated to contact me with your inquiries, I usually respond.

I can help you learn about music production, and composition, as well as guitar, bass guitar, and vocal performance and practise. I also know a fair bit about computer software and hardware, as well as also being simply indescribably amazing. I have also limited experience in visual arts, digital content marketing, kazoo theory, theoretical physics, and optimized ass-wiping and whooping.

So what does my information and advice cost? Now, I could lock all this information under a hefty paywall and subscription plan, but I am very aware that any and all attempts by anyone to be even a fraction as great and wonderfully amazing as me, the Great Lopyt, is completely and utterly futile, so I have nothing to fear by giving anyone who needs a bit of help a little attention. Just send me a juicy little E-Mail

Always remember, my elbows are so incredibly sexy.

Good luck making music! :D