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Full Version: Jan. 2019 Monthly Contest - Resolution
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[Image: jan2019.png]

[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1534443788] Hello everyone and welcome back! It’s officially time to kick off the 2019 Monthly Contests! I hope that you’re all ready!

As it’s the start of the new year, the theme is to compose a sequence a new genre for you! Just pick any genre you’ve never composed in before and compose a sequence in it!

Good luck everyone!

General Information

The entry period is from 1/1 ~ 1/21 (11:59 PM EST). Winners will be announced on 1/31!

While we will post general notes on every contest, please refer to the Monthly Contest announcement thread for more details on Monthly Contests themselves.
  • Entry limit of 2 sequences per person.

  • Committee members are allowed to enter the contests, but will not enter their example sequence nor will they vote for their own entry.
  • Sequences made prior to the current Monthly Contest are allowed, although we don’t recommend entering the same sequence in different Monthly Contests.
  • Making a remix of an existing song is allowed. Please make it as creative as possible while applying the contest’s theme. 
  • The standard Online Sequencer Rules will apply and any entries violating a rule will automatically be disqualified.

Committee Notes

[Image: avatar_2740.png?dateline=1534443788] Hopefully you haven’t composed in all the genres there are! You probably haven’t though….. Anyway, this is relatively self-explanatory, but there was good feedback about the example sequences on the survey, so let’s keep going why not?

I haven’t ever composed in ragtime before, so that’s what I decided to do as an example sequence. Ragtime is relatively simple, using only 2 hands, the left being for alternating between a bassline and chords and the right being for the melody itself. Rag usually has a jumpy melody with notes being both on and off beat.

Anyway, here’s my example sequence!

[Image: avatar_7666.png?dateline=1505485634] I decided to try my hand at composing atonal music.
I have never intentionally made something sound so…  Interesting... before.

The idea of atonality is to make it not fit into standard harmony.  Which I think I managed…  It does kind of sound like just a bad sequence, but it’s intentional so it’s art.

It tells a little bit of a story.  The GP represents mountains that a character (EP) must overcome.  In some spots you can see that he goes over some and simply goes around others.
At the end, the mountains give way to flat ground and the man can rest.

ok so it became a remix of bonetrousle near the end but in general it's a genre i never composed in so eh

this type of edm is not a style ive ever tried before
Ill add more later
i ll enter i swera
i genuinely don't know what genre i compose in, so that's a problem
Well I tried Smile

If there's a deadline the song might be updated before that date maybe  ZZzzZ
Can I make a new Genre, and can it be similar to an existing Genre, like Jazz.
@Sir_Guy, i think you can make any song that you want as long as it's different to your style..

and heres the song i will submit:
Name: The Bitter Truth
Description: A simplistic, yet sad song that I composed to show my feelings. The lyrics are in the comments of the sequence. I may add more to it, though.
(01-03-2019, 09:34 PM)Sir_Guy Wrote: [ -> ]Can I make a new Genre, and can it be similar to an existing Genre, like Jazz.

If you've never composed in that style before.
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