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post anything but i'll delete anything i don't think is good enough

also another rule: pls link it to the chat log thanks
"welcome back sethbling here, today i made something to purge all the idiots on OS" -lucent 2020

sksk new quotes thread SUCKS
"you don't have to use a knife to kill people. you can cut veggies instead" -Ben 2020

"creator of sex is... yeah...
i want to talk to that guy"

-MysticSwe, 8/23/2020
"Would you rather xstep and I go to a party together and you sit outside and watch, or you and I go to the party and xstep cries outside"

xstep cries outside lmao
"oh hey it's the kid that sent a dickpic to a robot" -Jimbo
My favorite quote is "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" it is a little rough but very true. At school, I had a notebook in which I wrote down all my quotes, and by the end of my studies more than 1000 beautiful quotes had gathered. I even tried to write quotes on my own, but I lack creative imagination and writing skills. I even bought all my essays from specialists PapersOwl review for this service there is on as well as answers to some questions for those who doubt whether to use the services of specialists or not . Perhaps it will be useful to someone. By the way, books are a good source for smart quotes)
bye katie!!!! good lick!
I had never thought about whether I had a favorite quote before, but recently at college we were given the task of writing an essay using quotes from books or other motivating quotes. And I began to remember all the quotes that I knew and remembered "measure seven times and cut once" and realized that I often use this in my life when I make serious decisions. I failed to write an essay, because my writing skills are not so good, I ordered an essay from The specialists coped very well with this task and very harmoniously entered my quote into the essay. Now this phrase has become my life motto.
-February 15, 2021 - KatieMakesThings 11:40 "ill do it later"
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