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Full Version: The Faces of OnlineSequencer
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I'm not too confident in showing my face on here, so here's me with my mask and no sight.
(03-08-2015, 01:28 AM)ParaSpider Wrote: [ -> ]Post your IRL face to this thread, to see what the little community here looks like!

Try not to thirst up to each other ;p
[Image: ALzQXB0T_400x400.png]
my face is ugly
[attachment=360] eye reveal

me on the left, fork on the right
I'd love to show my face, but people would call me out to look like I'm 12 or 13 so I'm not doing one yet. This doesn't mean I won't do one in the future...
[Image: IMG_20210814_073231842.jpg]
Here comes me.

You look justlikeyour profile pixture benvisions!
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