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Full Version: Online Sequencer Space Race 2021
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my first contest entry ever!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
wow. i just heard it, its sloppy. (but i CAN enter 2 MORE.)
Entry 1 : 

Entry 2 :

Entry 3 : 
Today concludes the submission period. Sequences after this point will not be judged in the Space Race. You will have until the end of April 31st to keep working on your current submissions if you so wish.

Right now, we are using this time to categorize sequences in a class-tier system (S, A, B, and C rank) according to our criteria list. Due to the departure of cork, I appointed Muhngkee as a replacement judge to help me with this process.

The voting period will start May 1st. By then, we will have multiple voting forms to decide the grand winners of the Space Race!

Please ask me for any questions.
annnd that means i CAN'T enter 2 more Sad oh well
i should have entered this as well, it wz noice
oh wait im too late *****
i revised my submission (i made a copy of it, rather than edit the original, because i wasn't sure if i was supposed to preserve the first version)

Forgot to make an announcement on the forums yesterday. The Space Race voting sheet is now open and you can vote for your favorite sequences here!

You can use this thread to help you go back and forth the different sequences.

As a part of an inside joke, please get your free voting sticker after completing the form. Thank you!  Blush

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