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Full Version: Favorite Video Game?
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beep boop 101001 beep
GTA and Mario games are up there for me.
bro, no Undertale?!?
Call of duty 100%
I'd say that most of these games are favorites. I'd also add Satisfactory to the list. It's a game where you have to explore and gather materials to build complex things. If anyone wants to try it out, get a private server first. Private servers are more stable, and you can set your own difficulty level. You can start on easier difficulty until you learn how to play the game. Renting a server is not expensive now. You can get a cheap Satisfactory server on the SuperCraft website for $6.
None of the above. The true best video game is COTW or the longer, the Hunter: Call of the Wild.
In the poll, Terraria

but my all-time favorite game is both Rain World/Risk of Rain
What do you mean there is no PvZ option?!
ok COTW (call of the wild) is a great game
Minecraft is a game that I can come to at any point and feel at peace while playinig.
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