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Full Version: sequence tasting
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hi there, im ashe and i like food and cooking (but mostly food)

anyway, post your sequences here and i'll tell you what they taste like

ok bye

it tastes like porkchops
actually let me correct myself it tastes like a medium steak but if you put honey and sriracha on it

dont asks its a really good combo
by vance :

tastes like (this sounds gross but its actually really good) cream of wheat with sugar and ice cream, along with a club sandwich

odd combo but thats just what it tastes like to me


for me it's cotton candy that isn't very sugary
(10-12-2022, 12:10 PM)trapbeat349 Wrote: [ -> ]


tastes like an expensive cake topped with chocolate icing and vanilla icecream in the middle, with fruit on the top
(10-12-2022, 07:54 PM)Maketa Wrote: [ -> ]

for me it's cotton candy that isn't very sugary

sounds quite cheesy (pun intended) but it tastes like eggs and bacon at the beginning but once the drop comes i feel like i poured like a LOT of hot sauce on it 

i'd like to clarify that the eggs are scrambled and the bacon is just crisp enough to not be burnt, with a bit of fat on the ends
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