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Full Version: Easily find sequences based on tags
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It would help people discover new music if there were tags for genre, mood, speed, calmness, sound designyness, *****postyness, etc. that could be applied to a sequence by anyone listening, as well as the owner of the sequence , and that could be arranged in a graph (think nodes and lines) with more popular sequences appearing as larger nodes on that graph. The tags can be arranged in a ring around where sequence nodes would sit, and you can click or ctrl+click the tags to hide or show only sequences with those tags. Sequences will move closer to a tag on the graph the more times people apply that tag to the sequence. If two sequences have the same tags then just put them next to each other rather than overlapping. Sort by all, only registered user tags, only sequence creator tags. Scroll wheel zooms in or out. Hide sequences created without an account toggle.

This way we could both get feedback on our songs from our listeners, more people listening to our music, and an easier way to find cool new music to listen to without invasive and computationally expensive AI algorithms and stuff. There isn't a whole lot that evil users could do to abuse it either so we could have an option to be able to tag sequences without an account

This also would allow us to provide quality ratings on songs if we wanted to add a tag for that

I would recommend having users be able to select only from a premade list of tags, but able to add multiple tags. Users do not need to add a tag for each category just whatever they want. You can add only one tag per category per person

Searchable list of tag suggestions could be (similar tags grouped together):

Tag for every genre with some subgenres (pick multiple)

Very fast, fast, midtempo, slow, very slow

Aggressive, energetic, upbeat, medium energy, calming, sleepy

Reverby/washy, dry

Sad, melancholic, jovial, happy, very happy

Mischevious, mysterious, funny, serious, uplifting

Very dark tone, dark tone, bright tone, very bright tone

Simple chords, complex chords, no chords

Simple melody, complex melody, no melody

Simple rhythm, complex rhythm

Lots of instruments, few instruments

Static, repetitive, dynamic, musical frankenstein

Full song, work in progress, rough idea, test sequence

Under 1min, 1min to 2min, 2min to 4min, over 4min, over 8min

Lots of sound design, little sound deisgn

Drums, no drums

Piano only, drums only, guitar only

Tag for each scale + tag for microtonal

Tag for each key

Song is a collaboration

Serious, meme, *****post

Song is a megaIovania

Song is a cover of an existing song

Rating from 1 to 5 tag

Quiet, loud, very loud (this could be automatically added maybe, if a sequence is distorting it automatically gets very loud tag)

Automatically apply a user account name tag, but optionally the creator can add more tags for collaborators

Maybe the tags can have a search thing when you go to add one so that you don't have to scroll through a list every time

Maybe have a button on the sequence to show all tags and then we can click one to go to the graph view to see only sequences with that tag.
Currently its really hard to find new sequences to listen to. The only real option is to wait for someone to send their song to Chat, check contest winning sequences, or browse popular accounts (which have a lot of random not good test sequences on them like mine) There isn't really a way to find anything specific like if you wanted to hear an upbeat fast jazz song or a midtempo aggressive chiptune song. I think this would allow a lot more lesser known users to get popular too, especially if they don't like to use Chat as listeners wouldn't have to rely on those above methods to find stuff!
[Image: proxy-image-307.jpg]

With all the tags active things could get a little complicated, so you could have a plays threshold tag for, say, all sequences, only sequences with over 100 plays, only over 1000 plays, or an age threshold for sequences only created today, this month, all time
I think there should be a genre section with a list of genres for choose from like rock or pop. And when you post a sequence you click a genre to be registered. You can choose other genres if you don't see your genre. This will be available for user with accounts. This is just a suggestion.
If you go with this idea, I suggest you try not to go overboard with the amount of tags

it'd help to make sure the tags aren't too complicated and that everyone can know what tag to assign their sequence with ease
You can add multiple tags to the sequence if you want, that makes it easier to get more specific with your search
sounds good to me

you could also add a "search by tags" section in the sequences tab so people can search for them more easily

but anyway, you've got my vote
I remember suggesting something like this. And it would GREATLY benefit OS. And I mean it. I wont have to search up specific things but instead look at genres!!!
I vote uhhh yes but who would make this
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