act55555's BGM Section

*** EDIT ***

The online sequencer has improved a lot in terms of sound quality and number of instruments supported since I started using it back in 2015.

So this is where I'll post some of the stuff I've created.

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

R. Waltz
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=139048][/url]

Gradius II

Burning Heat
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=656072][/url]

[url=][Image: preview.php?id=655749][/url]

Heavy Blow
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=655765][/url]

Dead End
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=656093][/url]

Over Heat
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=797797][/url]

Chrono Trigger

Secret of the Forest
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=977718][/url]

Corridors of Time
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=1020671][/url]

Wings That Cross Time
[url=][Image: preview.php?id=974439][/url]

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