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Chat is a feature on OS, built in the fall of 2013. It is used to chat with other users from Online Sequencer.


Online Sequencer requires users to create an account. Online Sequencer users are also required to wait twenty-four hours before posting. The admins have been using the twenty-four-hour restriction since 2021 to reduce spam messages when people create accounts immediately after joining Online Sequencer and to increase security to ensure no vulnerable attacks come to the Online Sequencer chat.

The cooldown period is set to five seconds per message. The admins have been using this restriction since 2021 to reduce rapid spam and increase security from attacks.


If a user misbehaves in chat, moderators can mute these users. Mutes can vary between a few minutes to seven days or permanently, depending on the rule and severity. Until 2021, permanent mutes didn't exist. To access the mute site, go to

Chat Logs

Old chat messages are kept on chat logs, where users can see older messages of other users.


Two purges exist. One in 2019 and one in 2022. During that time, all messages on Online Sequencer at the time were cleared for new messages. This only happens on the website. Discord users can still see older comments from 2020.