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A screenshot of OS Chat, with users chatting among themselves.

The chat feature on Online Sequencer provides users with a convenient platform for real-time communication and interaction with other users while using the website. It is designed as a popup window with an option to be moved to the sidebar. The chat feature facilitates sharing sequences, receiving feedback, and engaging in general discussions with the Online Sequencer community.

Usage Requirements

To use the chat feature on Online Sequencer, users are required to have an account. Creating an account allows users to access various features, including the chat functionality. However, it's important to note that newly registered accounts must wait for a 24-hour period before they can participate in the chat.

Enforcement of Rules

Online Sequencer has established clear community guidelines to foster a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. These guidelines outline acceptable behavior, including prohibitions on harassment, hate speech, spamming, and sharing explicit or offensive content. Moderators actively monitor the chat, promptly addressing any rule violations and taking appropriate action. Users who repeatedly violate the community guidelines may face disciplinary action, including temporary or permanent muting, temporary or permanent bans, or other measures deemed necessary by the moderation team. These actions aim to maintain a welcoming and respectful environment within the Online Sequencer chat, fostering a positive experience for all participants.

Chat Logs

Online Sequencer maintains chat logs that users can search for specific words, phrases, or usernames. These logs serve as a historical record of conversations, facilitating the retrieval of past discussions and relevant information. Users can easily search for specific content or track interactions by entering keywords, phrases, or usernames in the search field. It's worth noting that chat logs are periodically cleared to optimize system performance, prompting users to save important information separately if necessary. The logs were wiped on September 29, 2022.