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Forums are a feature on OS, which was implemented on November 2, 2014, and was made using MyBB, a free and open-source forum software. MyBB serves not only as the base for the forum but also as the login system and chat box.


The Forums are a special section of Online Sequencer that allows users to post threads, view threads and more. Users who are logged may post messages and/or threads under specific subtopics. Topics and subtopics include:

  • Online Sequencer
    • News
    • Events
    • Online Sequencer Discussion
    • Collaborations
    • Suggestions
      • Completed Suggestions
    • Bug Reports
      • Completed Bug Reports
  • Off Topic
    • General Discussion
    • Forum Games
    • Introduce Yourself
    • General Music Composition

Notable events


In 2023, to reduce spam, Jacob made a requirement, due to spam and advertising issues, to make a sequence before using forums.