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Jacob Morgan (born July 15, 1993) is the creator of Online Sequencer. Interested in computer programming, Jacob is an alumnus of Georgia Tech. He is known for developing the website Online Sequencer and is the creator of Buildism.net.

Jacob Morgan in 2018 wearing an official Online Sequencer T-Shirt

Personal Life

Jacob is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, as stated in a statement by Morgan.

Jacob's Previous Works

In 2010, Morgan started building 2DWorlds, an online game creation tool.

In 2013, Morgan created a game called Vexillum, a free multiplayer online Capture The Flag game, with guns, swords, and ninja rope. 2013 is the year that Morgan also began working on Online Sequencer.

In 2014, he built a browser-based point-and-click Google Streets explorer, based on the classic Myst games.