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MysticSwe's profile picture.

MysticSwe (October 21, 1963 - August 9, 2023) was an Online Sequencer user who joined on November 11, 2016. He was most notably known for his thread, titled Mystic Collection which broke multiple forum records for most replies (1984) as well as views (100k). It's been updated regularly from 2017 until 2023.


MysticSwe was a rather quiet, but active OS user, with 2,270 forum posts and 1,732 sequences.

Mystic Collection

The Mystic Collection was a forum post that was created on July 8, 2017. MysticSwe constantly contributed to the thread with at least 1984 posts, easily making the top 1 thread with the most replies. It also amassed almost 100k views, which also passed the top 1 in forum thread with most views. Mystic's last post was on August 8, 2023 before he passed the next day.