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Welcome to the Online Sequencer Wiki, a wiki for using and navigating Online Sequencer.

Online Sequencer is a web-based music sequencer that allows users to create music saved online or on their computer and share it with other users.

About Online Sequencer
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Online Sequencer was created by Jacob Morgan in 2013. Users can create a sequence by placing notes in a piano roll-style interface. Over time, various features were added, such as new instruments, effects, and control options sequences. The community around the site expanded as well, adding a forum, chat, and this wiki.

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Getting Started
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Did you know...
  • ...that Robo was created on July 4th, 2019?
  • ...that there are multiple secret pages?
  • ...that adBot used to convert images into notes?
  • ...that LucentTear has been using Online Sequencer for almost 10 years?!
Online Sequencer News

News and events regarding Online Sequencer

The March 2024 Contest has closed! We also got the Custom Synth on both sequencers!! (test OS and *well, you know, THE sequencer*)


The community is a great place for users to share their thoughts and music! (But mostly their music, of course. LOL)

Current Contest (4/1/24 - 4/21/24)

Theme: "make world music"

Winners will be announced on 4/30!

Last Contest (3/1/24 - 3/21/24)

Theme: "make goofy music!"

Winning entries: