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Welcome to the Online Sequencer Wiki, a wiki for using and navigating Online Sequencer.

Online Sequencer is a web-based music sequencer that allows users to create music saved online or on their computer and share it with other users.

About Online Sequencer
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Online Sequencer was created by Jacob Morgan and George Burdell in 2013. Users can create a sequence by placing notes in a piano roll-style interface. Over time, various features were added, such as new instruments, effects, and control options for sequences. The community around the site also expanded, adding a forum, chat, and this wiki.

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Getting Started
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Did you know...
  • ...that Robo was created on July 4th, 2019?
  • ...that there are multiple secret pages?
  • ...that adBot used to convert images into notes?
  • ...that LucentTear has been using Online Sequencer for almost 10 years?!
Online Sequencer News

News and events regarding Online Sequencer

  • PuzzlePuddles saves 4 millionth sequence.
  • The original Note block theme was scrapped in due to limitations and was replaced by only using two octaves for the May 2024 Contest.
  • 4 new reverbs were added to Online Sequencer.

The community is a great place for users to share their thoughts and music! (But mostly their music.)

Current Contest (5/1/24 - 5/21/24)

Theme: "all entries must have their notes constrained to two octaves!"

Winners will be announced on 5/30!

Last Contest (4/1/24 - 4/21/24)

Theme: "make world music"

Winning entries: