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Full Version: Eric's Songs
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(full progression Oldest to Newest)

  1 11 21 31 41
  2 12  22 32 42
  3 13 23 33 43
  4 14 24 34 44
  5 15 25 35 45
  6 16 26 36 46
  7 17 27 37 47
  8 18 28 38 48
  9 19 29 39
10 20 30 40
Hi, Eric! ^^ I have listened to most of your sequences, and even though I don't know much about music, your stuff sounds great to me. Path of the Warrior is a nice slow, somber sequence. My favorite so far is Theme of Understanding. There is talent there, and you have a good ear for what most people would consider to be quite pleasant.

I'm glad you want to share your efforts, and while seeking validation isn't a bad thing, I hope your main creative driving force isn't the prospect of gaining popularity. You mention it twice here, and even one of your sequences is named something like "If only this were popular." That sequence is wonderful, and it deserves a better title than that. I'm not trying to beat you up over it, man. It's just that you seem confident and unsure at the same time. Your music speaks for itself. Keep it up.
man. you are really good
Damn dude how did you come up with all them beautiful melodies? you must be an expert in music theory or something holy *****.
i really like that c#3 c#4 and d#5 chord
nice job on themeing me, you mixed my use of drums and bass with your style of chord melodies,
which turned out pretty cool Wink
I love all of your songs, they are just amazing to listen to.
Please post your own sequences in your own thread.
Awesome xD
Unless you are Eric, then I highly doubt he gave you permission to re-distribute his songs and make them free downloads.
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