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Full Version: [Forum Games] Ban the user above you!
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Banned for not paying your eternal respect for the dark lord in blood ritual. Ye immortal soul shall be damned to the fiery depths of the abyss. Your eternal torture is garunteed and you don't even need to wait in the infinite lineup. Just use the code AuntyChristofhe'll6669 at the Gates Of Naark!
Banned for making the 762nd comment.
(11-09-2019, 09:20 PM)NotAnAesthete Wrote: [ -> ]Banned for making the 762nd comment.
Banned for banning the banned person that is trying to ban you
purged for spamming ban
Banned for purging instead of banning.
(11-12-2019, 08:46 AM)NotAnAesthete Wrote: [ -> ]Banned for purging instead of banning.
purged for not purging
Banned for boiling my computer and selling it to make money to buy a space ship that was used to make an overwhelming ammount of stale beans. Oh and dont forget the rotten marshmallows. Black lettuce too.
Banned for having a terrible name
Banned for letting this forum die
Banned for killing the forum