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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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Nari hugs Johnald. "How are you acid proof?" Nari asks
Johnald said "IDK." Johnald then saw there was a new frog operation.
(05-10-2021, 12:27 PM)PhantomFlame Wrote: [ -> ]woah, theres like 2 different stories rn

lol yeah
Larry had a plan. Larry enlargened all of the weapons for just the round so they can take 3X the damage that they usually have.
The fox jumps at Johnald, scratching him. Johnald takes 20 damage.
Nari puts the fox to sleep using chloroform.
Nari, Larry, and Ben also now need to kill the fox. Nari used his potion bottle to poison the enemies after putting the fox to sleep.
The fox (non-sensually) moans as he sinks to the ground.
Nari poisoned the fox and frogs and now they died. And the battle was over. Then Johnald, Ben, Nari, and Larry got in Larry's car and went to the hotel, and went to their room.
(Partially NSFW)

As Nari was jacking off he heard a scream. Larry had found a snake!
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