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Full Version: [Forum Games] Ban the user above you!
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I feel like this subthread is used incorrectly.

But anyways, the objective of the game is to state a reason as to why you would ban the user above you. Don't take it seriously, even the silliest of answers are acceptable.

Have fun.
Banned for double posting ^
Lucent would be banned for posting 500,000,000,000 pics of Lunatic Psyker in admin chat
I ban Dcsm for spamming swear words
Banned for saying too many one word answers
Alex32124 is banned for having 5+ accounts
Eugene is banned for saying some really strange stuff sometimes
XStep is banned for improving at making music, and making me feel threatened because of that.
CrimsonSkyfall is banned for being my friend, lmao.
One Person got banned for not making their name large enough on their pfp :c