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Hey I think lots of the new sounds are really nice! Unfortunately though a lot of the sequences I made were made with the old sounds in mind and don't sound right now, especially the ones with drums since the new snare drum sound is very different from the old one.

Don't want to complain but if we could have an option to use the old sounds as well that would be really nice!
also, the d5 thing is with the electric guitar
ok, a bunch if my notes aren't playing. pls fix. that's the one thing i ask of you
All of the instruments that I made worse last week have been updated in response to the complains, should be much better
It still sounds like certain instruments, like the percussion, has some slight latency.
I changed the percussion back to the last version.
I liked the new Bass better than the old one. Now all the new stuff I created doesn't sound as good.

It would be better if you added the new instruments while retaining the old ones for backward compatibility with sequences that still use them.
  • Shift+click can deselect notes now
  • Added measure numbers
(12-02-2017, 05:34 PM)Jacob_ Wrote: [ -> ]
  • Added measure numbers

*****ing bless
Changed the color of the measure numbers so they're easier to see.
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