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I;M so MMmMAAAaADdD! wHhY DiDd You MMUTE ME for 2 HOURS!!1 I DidN't DdOo ANNYTHING WRONNG!StoP sAYING I broKE rUle 8!!!1! GrrrrRRRRRRR!11 *turns into hell queen demon emo angel vampire furry depressed sad wolf edgy geek sad kind can be mean lonely emily*
I cannot believe that you have a different opinion!!1111!!1 YOU ARE NOT AlALAallowed too!!! You suck and i Wish you dieeee!!! >Sad((( LEave ME alone You are wrong for not Agreeeing with meeee you suck!!!! GRRRRRRRR
where do i buy this amazing drugs?!!
the incorrect way to be correct is to correctly incorrect your correction while correctly incorrecting your correctly incorrect correction
There is no peace in CyFi's his head. The Fry doesn't know how bad it is. The Fry doesn't know how the feelings crash over him like storm-driven waves pounding a failing seawall. The wall is going to collapse soon, and when it does, Cy will lose it. His mind will spill out of his ears and down the drains of Joplin. He knows it.
you a dingle nosed banana penny smellin 10 year old bro minecraft and roblox older than you + yo pfp so cringe that every time I see it I wish on god on my gang on my mom you get stage 4 terminal testicular cancer with a large tumor that gives you insurmountable pain to the point where you cant take it no more but I guess your dad leaving you was already enough so you turned to OS to recover but yo dumbahh got banned somehow
Man is a tool using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all
So I would like to make a public statement real quick on behalf of my lovely girlfriend, since no one here has any decency or common sense: The persistent and non-stop "jokes" about her name are genuinely irritating her, and any clowns who continue I shall personally continue to berate and hound, unless the Mods want to take some action on the grounds of harassment and save me some trouble. She's already said multiple times now to stop and at this point even I'm getting annoyed.
Benjo, I will make one thing very clear to you right now. You're an Admin, so your very JOB is to ensure the comfort and regulation of the people in this server. Right now you are arguing with someone who very much does not feel comfortable, and not doing your job. Either you can stop and be reasonable now, and drop this petty bull*****, or we can continue in DM's you and me.
You’re never gonna get any comeuppance because you hold all the power. ***** your playing your Tourette’s card to be an asshole, ***** your “You’re not a good enough friend” when people try to tell you why you’re an asshat. Be prepared for the time when all your friends leave you because you’re such a pissbaby. ***** you.

- KannaKandy
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