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For those who know me, I've been addicted to this site called online sequencer. I was a mod and active member of the community. Today I have given an official letter of farewell and blocked the site on all my devices. I leave due to bad treatment and slander. I hope that leaving will improve my mental health. RIP alex32124, Alex! 2017-2021
Dear Lucent:
You’ve been a valuable moderator to the Online Sequencer. You’ve had many positive influences in the community and are appreciated accordingly by at least the other mods. However, your recent behavior was uncalled for and on behalf of the online sequencer community, we would hope for your social activity to better reflect your helpful influence.
All we ask of you is to agree to these terms to remain a moderator. We believe that your current social behavior has become unprofessional, and while we think it’s fine to be comfortable with people here, there’s definitely a line that you crossed which isn't a good influence as a leading figure of the website.
We would like for the conditions A and B to be met by October 31. We are aware that day is your birthday, and would rather you change for the better.

Unreasonable mute times and unwarranted bans
(that the other mods have had to fix)
Negative attitude towards incoming users
(we think you should be more welcoming to at least new users to make the chat a bit less toxic. As a mod you should remember that your social influence in the community should be more beneficial and welcoming than that of a normal user.)
Public criticism with the intent to expose people’s faults to other people without constructivity
(we recognize you don’t do this often but you have done it on multiple occasions with Crimson and Alex as second-hand evidence.)
(we also recognize that you give unfair and unjust criticism to specific members.)
Discussing negatively about other members without their knowledge.
(as a mod you shouldn’t encourage gossip. It’s fine to have an opinion about people but you should at least have the guts to say it to them directly. As a mod you should be one of the last people to start drama.)

A public announcement apologizing to the entire community for your actions, as well as being aware of the issues you've caused throughout time.
design it like an apology letter and be sincere
A personal apology to Alex and Crimson (Crimson has made a point that you aren't required to make one for them)
A promise to reform yourself and be a better person
Acknowledge and attempt to fix aforementioned concerns
Learn how to handle situations better instead of being rude to the user who it's directed to.

Possible Outlooks:
Future and current mods must go through a training seminar. (the moderation system needs serious reform)
A full and complete list of rules for members AND moderators to follow, both in the discord as well as Online Sequencer.
Full attention to any and all members that show excessive negativity, whether they joined OS recently/late or have any other status.
Taking complete notice and punishing members who act in an inappropriate manner at excessive amounts. (Lewd, cursing, rudeness, etc.)
Paying more attention to moderation history/archives.

Additional notes:
Conditions A and B must be met by/before exactly: 10/31/2020.
The editors of this amendment notice spent their time to address all of this to help you realize these problems.
Some (but not all) of the information on this will be available for public viewing.
Do not take any of what is said in this notice against anyone that has edited or signed, otherwise this will show proof of no change of heart.
Jacob_ will have full viewing to the amendment and information. That also includes screenshots of the arguments you've had.
Hi, this is Connor Morton, known also as Cork, or formerly dcsm. I’m here because I owe each and every one of you a long-overdue apology. But first I should say what the purpose of this video isn’t. This video is not meant to be any form of attempt to win any support back to my side. This video is not meant to be any form of attempt to create any opposition to any individual that I name. This video is not meant to rationalize any action that I committed in any way. This video is not meant to serve as a request for forgiveness in any form. What this video is meant to do, is serve as an apology, and a way to publicly owe myself up for all i’ve done.
It’s been about 6 years that I’ve been on this site and I wanted to thank you all for making great sequences as well as thanking Jacob for fostering such a wonderful community.

Unfortunately I have some life matters to attend to and from this point on I have to be fully committed to studying in college. I feel that OS distracts me too much from what I have to do and for once I want to be responsible for my future.

Well, I usually don’t show it in the chat, but for the longest time I’ve had personal problems with some of the people here and often I felt that it would be better if I left. I acknowledge that the site in general has some infrastructural problems within the community and I feel a bit responsible (since back then I was responsible for the activity on the site).

I came to a realization that some of my behavior on the chat has influenced people negatively and I guess I should apologize for that. Not that it matters now, it’s been a problem for years and some of the people I should say sorry to are long gone.

I don’t have any future plans of updating the Lucent Tutorial as it’s also time-consuming for my schedule. But thank you to all of those who read and support the tutorial. It means a lot to me.

I’m going to ask Jacob to demod me so I’m not so tempted to return to the site as a moderator. Maybe I will come back every now and then to say hi, but I’m not going to have long visits.

I don’t regret any time I’ve spent here. I hope I’ve made a difference for the time I’ve been here. Stay safe and happy sequencing.


Dear OnlineSequencer.

I was using OnlineSequencer Chat, and suddenly I recieved a message from Robo, that said I was muted. I do not recall being hostile or violating the rules of OnlineSequencer Chat. Now, however, I cannot seem to send messages. This frustrates me, for I like to use OnlineSequencer Chat to jovially converse about music and other mundane events. I would like to apologize for anything I may have done to become muted, and I would like to know how to unmute my son's account, and what he did wrong, so his actions may not be repeated. Thanks, have a good day.
So guest is saying that fox was slandering me on the OS chat. This is not true what he is saying. The mod team, as usual, continues to try to defame me and ruin my reputation. But here me my loyal friends and allies. I may be unable to defend myself, I may become the most hated person on the site, but don't let the mods get you down.
The mod team has shown continual evidence of corruption, following the lead of lucent. Don't let them bring you down
This is how they get you. They defame you, then they deplatform you
For those who know me, I've been addicted to this drug called cocaine. I was an active user of the substance. Today I have been arrested for distributing several hundred pounds of cocaine throughout the country. This is slander. I plead the 5th. I hope that quitting cocaine will improve my mental health. RIP alex32124, Alex! 2017-2021 He died from cocaine overdose ?
Yo guys
I have a collab with Alex should i keep it?
He died so idk
Since i have it and hes dead its kinda like a rare ass pokemon card
Discontinued by manufacturer type *****
Dear former OS family.

I know I have been here for a long time, 3 and a half years in fact. I have had some great times and interesting experiences here. I write to you guys as this will be the last forum post I will ever write on here, at least if I can control myself. I have been a mod for 1 year and a half, and I find it crazy I lasted this long.

My plan for leaving Online Sequencer was not one that I wanted but nevertheless expected. They say that glass can only withstand so much before it shatters. I have reached that point. For these years, I have met hate, slander, backstabbing, manipulation, and many more. I was on OS in order to be loved, appreciated, and treated with respect. I have tried to give those out to those around me and hoped that if I treated them in kind, they would treat me kindly.

This shall be my formal resignation as I am leaving as a moderator, as well as leaving as a member. I leave OS due to the ill-treatment I have received from many of the current moderator team. I treated them kindly, and they hit me with hate, bullied me, and treated me like garbage. I feel as if this is not the character of a leader of a good community.

I choose to leave as I have officially given up on trying to reform the community, I wanted to be the person who could actually make people feel empathy towards one and another by making an Online Sequencer Podcast, as well as other things I did on the site that I thought people would enjoy. I feel as if I cannot do anything anymore.

If you want to say goodbye to me, message my discord Dat Alex#5810 but I intend on blocking all Online Sequencer links as well as anything associated with Online Sequencer. I will figure out something with the moderator team with regards to the Online Sequencer Merch Store and I will be deleting the Online Sequencer Youtube Channel.

This will be the last time I shall message on this site, this will be my final farewell. As always, make music and have a good night.

P.S. I personally think Crimson would be a good mod as she has had a fair amount of experience.
you're probably sleeping rn so that's why im messaging you but are you so... why... why are you like this. I can't think straight lol. You make me weak at the knees. I like you the way you are Lucent and I don't think you're weird at all. My sleep schedule also gets all over the place when replying to you. Sorry if I act different than usual. I'm just... not used to this and want to release some thoughts. These messages are starting to get reaaaally long lol um, can I have your discord?
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