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Wait I just discovered this thread. This is like quotes but for mentally disabled hamsters
are you feeling down you don't have to be sad if you don't want to be develop a bit of some self esteem to get around just stick around this is the song of my persona-l anthem of my self-diagnosed god complex oh i see myself in twenty years from now i won't change to live life with a frown and thinking that i just have to be like everybody else

Noo stop Eric haha we're in walmart uugn Eric mmm stop it everyone's watching mmm
wafews~~ i made bweakfast fow youuwuw ~ i hope you wike these uvw-medium eggs i pwepawed fow you because i put wots and WOOOTS of wuv into it ^w^ uwu nyotice me wafews nyotice meeeeee
AnonymousLittleBoy 22:36delete (whisper) AnonymousLittleBoy, you stupid 6 year old. You got muted because you are an annoying little cactus spike. I said cactus spike because you would cry if I "swore" because you are THAT stupid. I'm going to tell everyone that you broke every single rule and you are a 45-year-old man pretending to be a kid. Stupid piece of faeces.
bork i dislike you i hope that the sand that you're building your minecraft house on falls and that you start mining diamonds above you and then gravel falls on you and you have half a heart and you die and its hardcore and then you accidently mix beta versions with alpha/released versions and your game stops working so you have to reinstall minecraft and it stops at 99% so you have to do it all again no and then your favorite server shuts down and then flash is disabled and then the internet stops working for 5 months and when it starts working your computers cpu explodes and theres dead pixels covering the time then your favorite multiplayer game shuts down its server so you only have singleplayer which you already completed then your keyboard stops working properly so you have to press each letter twice or more times for it to actually work and then your favorite food item from the food menu is removed but i have more i know but i have more and then you find your favorite thing in your local grocery shop and you are 1 dollar short i know then whenever you are riding your bike, the chain falls off every single time okay im done
Hey Jacob! I wanted to discuss an issue amongst your websites community involving a possible hacker in my account making alts leading towards MY IP address. I also wanted to discuss a violation of personal information of in which one of your moderators tracked my location down. But I’ll continue with the first topic. I understand why I got banned initially, and it was because I was constantly poking at the fact that one of the os users made an alt. It got annoying and I got banned, of course of in which I completely understand why, I felt it was unnecessary for one of the moderators to “track down my exact location”, thus the reason why the Online Sequencer tends to get more slowly but progressively toxic. I’m STILL banned and I haven’t made ANY alts since that day but the community tends to disregard the fact that they “IP BANNED” me. I ask if this particular “theory” amongst the moderator community disregarded and identified of any predators looking to threaten me. i understand that this website doesn’t particularly have a privacy policy but I ask of you to straighten up this website, its mods, and its community a little bit and to stop targetting me for no reason. I have PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF that I am STILL banned for a highly unprofessional reason. Maybe you could possibly consider a small compensation in regards to this certain treatment towards my online persona on your website. Thanks for understanding Jacob!
A lot of you have mental illness and you need to get it checked out.
If you are on my page and you don't like me, and you don't even like yourself cause you don't even have a picture of yourself (Probably cause you're ugly as fuck), and you come on my page to criticize me because you suck at life, you need to see a therapist and get off social media.
Ya bum.
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