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I keep telling y'all, I'm not no goddamn game developer. Ion know what da fuck going thru y'all minds rn, but I don't agree with it at all! For the last time, I'm only here to make music 🎧🎹🎛, not write 300 lines of code! 🖥📟 I mean, How would YOU like it if somebody kept nagging you about a stupid video game anyway, huh?? 😤🎮 You wouldn't, WOULD YOU?! That's what I thought, dumbass. Now go some-FUCKING-where before I make you...😠😠
I met my friend irl and she told me my breath stunk, bruh i brushed my teeth twice. Then she threw a bag of mints at me, then she threw a pack of mint gum. I mean at least i got stuff to snack on but like- wtf i brushed my teeth twice...Honestly all i said was hi and she said my breath smelled good so maybe it was her breath, she slapped me and told me to go away and now i'm home, snacking on mint gum and mints rn.
(09-27-2023, 03:17 PM)bittensboyMIDI2 Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-27-2023, 03:14 PM)Moonlight Wrote: [ -> ]prolly lmao

getting more angry at you i regret giving you those thick thighs.
(09-27-2023, 03:19 PM)tbyunomi Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-27-2023, 03:17 PM)bittensboyMIDI2 Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-27-2023, 03:14 PM)Moonlight Wrote: [ -> ]prolly lmao

getting more angry at you i regret giving you those thick thighs.

I'm gonna add this to now
tbyunomi got me to copy and paste all my account info (not telling you) and send it then he hacked me in the chat by saying something offensive while on my main account, got me muted forever, and kinda hacked me. so he's hacking somebody ban him Angry Angry ugh....
my nobleman,

And why should I have to prove anything to you or anyone else in the world ? you're so pathetic !!

I don't need to prove anything to anyone, the song is mine and ***** it!!

I don't give a ***** if you believe it or not... I have a lot, much more to do with my life than talking to strangers of dubious character... or proving something to someone else...

***** off your impetulance!!

Do you really think i'm a fool ??

Do you really think you're fooling me and think I don't know you're a criminal ? you have a fake profile, evasive and lacking in information, and you are there trying to scam people, or trying to illegally appropriate the works of others

So listen well...

And just remembering that if you or anyone else in world make an unauthorized use of my song, I'll file a lawsuit up your ass !!
Okay, I got banned for a reason (perm). I was being mean to furries but your mods are saying how I was racist? Like what's that? Cmon man, I know your mods are not this dumb. Fix that. And I ever wondered, was Onlinesequencer a wonderland before? Before the furries came in, it was so helpful and mindful. Until here, furries are making people get banned because furries make people pissed and that's how your furry mods banned them. That needs to stop ya know? Just like, do you just let that happen? You are the owner, aren't you? Then do your job man. I know Onlinesequencer can be back to being cool and fun for others. I'm not hating on furries but they're ruining onlinesequencer. I hope you are still reading messages, and if you are. Please, I know you can fix this problem right?

This is a school email account managed by United Independent School District. The contents of this email are governed by the laws of the state and the board policies of the school district.
lucent i've considered you but i don't think we would work out
How does one transcend through the universe so quickly, to the point where they can even control both time and space, while their corporeal form is somewhat of a maiden?? They can also cast a spell that bombards you with knives I think
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