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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Song32_V1_685324 - WIP[/url]
[url=]LOL10_V1_687147_WIP-1[/url] ^^
[url=]Mystic_XMAS_687850_WIP[/url]  Angel

Another longer Mystic XMAS but this one isn't all mine, it's changed parts of old xmas songs, and was it twinkle star?
About [url=]Mystic_XMAS_687850_WIP[/url] 
The second part from the end is faulty, how could I place the notes like that  Huh
Need to fix it before xmas and today is the last chance, ho hooo...
I've replaced the battery and the power supply in my old pc, it got new life! :)

Sometimes it's hard to know how to fix errors, blue screens and stuff. The old power supply got broken so that's why. 
And when I told the computer store that another old power supply didn't work before I reset bios every time they said 
that I need to replace the battery. OMG me who built this computer myself and don't know, or I'm getting senile  :s

Anyway, now it runs smoothly enough to make songs again without too many interruptions and that makes me happy! :D

Now "hopefully" I can make songs till I can afford a new computer. It's exciting to look around for new stuff but at the
same time frustrating. One of the latest CPU's is getting too hot and I want a powerful but quiet computer. Let's see.

After losing my wife due to cancer I've met another woman who need my attention a lot. However, it seems like she like 
my songs 
and understand that I need time for that too. This xmas however we will spend together with both our families
and we wish 
you all Merry Christmas!

[url=]Mystic_XMAS_687850_WIP[/url] is updated partly, there was no time to correct some mistakes. Hope you like it as it is now.
[url=]Mystic_XMAS_687850_WIP[/url] is updated but the faulty part from 29 to 35 isn't corrected, I need more time fore that hopefully someday soon.
[url=]Mystic_XMAS_687850_WIP[/url] is updated - the part from 29 to 35 is corrected but I'm not very pleased, there's something I've missed.
Bah my pc freezed hard after working good many days. Fortunately I could save this first.

[url=]Mystic_XMAS_687850_WIP[/url] is updated again and it's still WIP. It's mostly about part 29 to 35 again
and before that part I've added some more percussion. But the song is getting noisy now?

I've corrected some chords, but there's more to do Wink
[url=]Test86_V1_692870[/url] is updated and not WIP anymore. Might need some adjustments but I leave it for the moment.