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Maybe inspired by one or two kids songs Smile

A Swedish music artist passed away on Thursday morning 2020-02-06. Ola Magnell, dead 74 years old.

I try to compose the only song I remember. It will take time to make it as good as possible but I want to try.
I wish I could bend the notes, if you understand what I mean.
If you don't like 1970s music, it's not for you. But I love old songs and I was born in 1963.

The only song I remember is Kliff, it's not really suitable for children and people who should stay sober.
If it bothers you, know that I think of the music first.

[url=]Ola Magnell - Kliff[/url]
There's a lot more to add to make it as good later on, if I can...

Kliff at Youtube


Updated plus same again with percussion
Read my comment Cheese


Slap bass fun Angel
Well.... -_-  (hiding my crazy laugh) I suppose my innovative stuff runned out last year or so Cheese

Another test it is Angel

I'm borned 1963...

You sometimes talk about how boring the school is on the chat. I can only speak for myself, regret that I did not pay more attention to the school about 40 years ago.
I have to pay for my "laziness" for the rest of my life. But it can also be due to many other things that happened then. No concentration because many people bothered
me in class. I started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. After 18 years at different places I fell ill and could not work anymore for several years. Later when I still
wanted to work, I did not have good school grades, resumes and qualifications.

School is a very important start in life and for your future!
I wish you better luck! Take care!
By the way... I've updated [url=]Test369_V1_1356330[/url] Cheese