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New project. Let's see what I can do .... In this sequence the topic is TRUMPET

I have to learn a lot ... so now it has already been said Smile


And it will be even harder one day when I'll try jazz - with trumpets Nervous

I hope that some other better trumpet will be available one day.

My favourites of all the instruments today is currently flute, jazz guitar, slap bass, electric drum kit (and 808 drums in the beta instruments).
If you want to use the flute, it sounds better with reverb
This picture showing the piano but it's same about the flute.
[Image: OS_Reverb_1.png]
About trumpets and more... I'm not a coder but if I was I would try to make a 8-bit instrument that sounds like a trumpet.

8-bit currently have the longest notes, therefore it would even be useful for violin.

I don't know why it's hard to do what I just said but I know the coders world is a bit tricky sometimes Wink
Update [url=]Test324_V1_1261603_WIP[/url]
I added a comment on [url=]324[/url] with help of Google translate but I'm not sure...

"This song may not be unique but I'm trying to do something good with the trumpets. Not easy as
they don't have long notes and spamming the notes doesn't sound good. The flute and especially
the 8-bit instruments have long notes, so I wonder if it is possible to create 8-bit trumpets?"
Forgot....... -> and 8-bit violin??? Oops
I haven't forgot about my project about voice and music

I just don't have the right tools and for some reason I cannot use a microphone on my computer.
And there's bad sound on "Direct monitor" so I'm going to slam my computer on the manufacturer desk and ask what's wrong.

It means no new songs for about 2 or 3 weeks. I'm suffering already... Bigeyes

Let's hope I will have a better computer before xmas Upside_down

I wonder if this link works for all?
Discord - Test271_cat-and-voice_03

However I guess you need to be logged in to Discord...

I'm thinking about to use my youtube account, well, at least for the voice project... trying to make a picture for the video in Paint 3D.

[Image: Paint3D_3b.png]