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[url=]Test106_V1_739308_WIP[/url] is extended and there's something new after 22. As you can see it's still WIP Wink
Here's the reason why I often choose the electric piano, it's more clear. Also the more other intruments 
there is (even worse with reverb or delay) the grand piano and some other instruments will drown and
the treble will be very low. So my biggest wish for now is treble settings.

Edit: Next update... (Mars 17, 2025) Ha ha....!?  ehummm.... Huh [Image: ACfoJ0r.png]
Some sequences I haven't announced yet

Created 2018-02-24
-  and - - T.O.P. = The One Person

Created 2018-02-23

Created 2018-02-23
Eandrews 192 notes challenge

Created 2018-02-22
Electric piano vs Grand piano
[url=]More nostalgia WIP-1[/url] Angel
I'm saying thank you to Eandrew for his assessment in the 192 notes song challenge Smile
Could you tell if there's a song like this one? I've forgot  Huh 

I've added 8-bit sine but I'm not very sure about it, plus bass, smooth synth....
Changed "A song I like, whats the title" to [url=]Test108_V1_748158_WIP[/url]

I'm thinking about to add a softer start and a proper ending on Test 108 and then make a recording. 
But first I must fix bad notes because some part sounds false. Let's see, many other things to do.
[url=]Test  109[/url]... but it is Song 34 because I think its mine? 

(came up on my guitar recently, I remember some old stuff again)

Early WIP mode anyway Upside_down 

[url=]Test109_V1_749837_WIP[/url] is updated.....

About 20 have listened already to all the errors I've made. 10 listened before I've even said a word about it, hu hu hu... Crying

Anyway... most of the errors is fixed now, but it's still a WIP  Cheese
[url=]Test109_V1_749837_WIP[/url] is updated again

It's almost done I guess. Alllllllmost  Upside_down