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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Google translated (and edited) ...I hope it's correct enough...

"I love my wife in a way that nobody can understand. We have never had sex but that's not
the most important thing. She is not very beautiful either. But she is wonderful on the inside
and actually very cute! Anyway, you should never leave anyone just because they get sick.
Never do, because if you do the love is not true".

I think it's very important, you cannot be sure if your partner will always be there.
As long as they are alive you should not ever give up on them.
[url=]asdf wip - mystic 2[/url]

Made on adsf's song, the last part will be a new song on my list later.

Thanks to asdf's beautiful wip I got inspiration Smile
A mystic tutorial - failure! Angel
Here I'll add things I've learned about the sequencer so far. Unfurtunately I cannot show pictures NORMAL anymore but I
will put links to screenshots later. This is only kind of a personal notebook and won't be done very fast so stay tuned. 
I'm using google translate and if there's spelling errors - blaim google, hehe...

First entry

How to update an old sequence 
1. Change to No Key Guide so see better when instruments is locked and notes are greyed out. 
2. Set Auto Scroll: Off
3. .....

Well let's see Smile
I'm awared about that [url=]Story9_V1[/url] isn't perfect, among other things it's again the C notes on the grand piano that is
annoying me especially on the first part. Also it's hard to know if I should put reverb or not. I will try to correct it
maybe by adding some electric piano - without reverb. So there will be a V2 later Smile

It was harder than I thought. The first part is probably fragments of some old song and
notes are missing, that's why transition, rhytm and everything got wrong... Ohhhhh.... :rolleyes:
Also "Loading sounds" never stop.

Edit 2: 

I took a walk and when back the sounds is still loading forever..... I've had enough  Angry
I've decided to save the song as it is for now (after some more adjustments
of the second part) and continue a better day.

There's always space for a V3 :D

Edit 3: 

[url=]Story9_V2 - 120 BPM[/url] 
Updated 2017-08-04 
2017-08-11 - Changed speed to 120 BPM
SoundCloud - Story9_V2_120 BPM

The best I've ever made, thanks to asdf's wip that gave me inspiration. 
It's not complete because of some issues but as I said, there's always space for a V3  :D

By the way, I've forgot about the speed again..... should be [url=]120 BPM[/url]

SoundCloud - Story9_V2_120 BPM
Actually there's no much errors on [url=]Story9_V2[/url] , when listening again I get another view, finally I understand  :D
[url=]Test50_V1[/url] (Noisy from start) 

Completely different compared to Story 9 V2  :rolleyes:

Oh!... forgot about the speed......

See next post
[url=]Test50_V2[/url]  (Noisy from start) 

Faster and more instruments :shy: