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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Made 2020-03-05 - changed melody 2020-03-09

I composed this without listening to the original song first.

Youtube: Svingelskogen (1995) - Varje litet liv
Mistake... it seems like I've made 3 versions of Song 39... Investigation ongoing... 🙄

I suppose it's because I have problem with to update the main post in this thread.
I've made 3 versions of the same song without knowing it...
I should look at my other songs, I maybe love this one too much Blush

I want things in order, had to change the titles, also my comments on all.
I apologize if I'm confusing you. I'm most confused anyway Cheese




Oh no... there's another version... It should be V2 according to the sequence number...
I need to change titles and everything again - later on  ZZzzZ
Song_V1_892678 (LOUD)
Song 39 at SoundCloud is now deleted. 91 % space left. I plan to delete more songs to make space.
Ring... ring... ring... Hello? Cheese

Ringering fun (too many calls)

I always try to make new songs but sometimes I fail. All sequences that I'm not sure about will be called Test and If I
cannot find the original the title will be Inspired with Unknown in the comments. When I'm sure it's a famous song I
will add a thin M at the end of the song, there's three different M:s. Well I have my own way and sometimes I fail
there too. For example 4 different versions of Song 39 where I have to change the title again and again... ZZzzZ

A problem here at the forum that I cannot update big posts normally because spaces and formatting will get totally wrong.
So I need to view the source, where it's harder to find text and I have some dyslexia. But I've made it quite well so far, right?...  Wink

Oh and...
Some links to other posts do not work well for some reason, you come to the end of a page and you have to scroll up to find the post I linked to.