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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I'm really trying to make originals but often I'm not sure, almost everything I do nowadays sounds
familijar but... like some of my songs this one was made piece by piece, I mean melody and chords
measure by measure at the same time.

The online sequencer is getting very good right? Smile
53 updated with the new instruments, still not done but....

[url=]Test53_V2_560701_WIP-1[/url]  Cool

Updated with some new intruments. I don't know, maybe the old version was better.
The slap bass and more on Test 53 is drowning probably because there's too many notes of the vibraphone. 
So I must remove the vibraphone or add fewer notes...  ZZzzZ

Edit: I was wrong, the old bass wasnt replaced with the slap bass.
Almost forgot about this one... I've started with percussion, what's next...? Upside_down

Free to add more, make it cool Cheese [url=]Test132_V1_784802_WIP[/url] <----
No? Ok I'll add more myself then Cheese [url=]Test132_V1_784802_WIP[/url]

There was some errors, hope it's better now
Updated, more later someday maybe [url=]Test132_V1_784802_WIP[/url]

Typical old style Wink