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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I've noticed amongh other things that the percussion isn't prefect on [url=]Story3_V4 - 8-Bit[/url] 
That's why it sounds like a faulty transmission before the ending part and it loses the
rhythm. Let's see later someday if I can improve it.
I forgot to update my planned story - post .....Done.

There will be a Story3_V4B later, with a softer start and better percussion before the ending part. 
But I need some time to find the inspiration again.

Story4 V1 failed and became [url=]Not my song 3 - V1[/url] :D
And it got a bit messy before the end, saw some misplaced notes after saving.
[url=]Test 47 - V1 (partly 8-bit)[/url] 

Just something short...
[url=]Story 4_V1 (partly 8-bit) [/url]

Actually the title was SAD from start because of some impolite guys.

However, there's sad moments in a story too, so... Sad
[url=]Story 4_V2[/url]

More instruments, no 8-Bit this time
[url=]Story 5_V1 - Grand only[/url]
[url=]Story 6_V1 - Grand only[/url]
I've noticed that my Rating Statistics still contains links to old threads that doesn't exist anymore. 
It's "Paint or draw" and "It's mine, I guess?". I thought it would be deleted too. I'm sorry for any 
circumstances because of this. Actually I prefer a low profile. I've been talkative but I'm not here
to brag or anything like that - but of course I'm happy if you like at least a few of my songs. 

Don't hesitate to post, chat or pm if you hear a song that is too familiar.
If you do I hope you can provide info about the original.
[url=]Story6_V2 - Xtra[/url]
[url=]Story5_V2 - Xtra[/url]

Need to improve the guitar on the second part