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Ok if you don't like the noise I can make calmer songs, just for you Blush

Test53_V2_560996_WIP-6 is now at SoundCloud

New update - test53_v2_560996_wip-6b

I might want to update this song one day but since I have a free account I cannot replace files and the upload time is running out.

"You’re 96% to your upload limit. Upgrade now to unlock unlimited upload time".
(It was I who made the bold text in the link so you can see it)

Big update. I've added more and now there's a ending so I can record the song when it's done.


Test 280 WIP-9b is recorded and uploaded at SoundCloud

SoundCloud - test280_v1_1174613_wip-9b
Failure at the 2019 July Monthly Contest

I forgot about a rule Blush

I can create a new song if there is enough time but I wonder if it is possible to reset the current song and try again.
Beta instruments, as I know it works in Firefox

Open new sequence, then the console: ctrl+shift+i

Add the code below and press enter

insts=[]; for(i=0;i<instrumentSelect.length;i++) { insts.push(parseInt(instrumentSelect[i].value)) } for(i=0;i<settings.instrumentColors.length;i++) { if(!insts.includes(i)) { var opt = document.createElement("option"); opt.value = i; opt.text = settings.instruments[i]; instrumentSelect.add(opt); } }

Then close the console. Now the beta instuments should be in the drop down menu. Good luck!
There's however no effects or volumes sliders for the beta instruments but I hope they will fix it one day.

My very first song with 808 drums

And this plus one or two more

Credits to korwynkim and others who told me the "secret" Smile

Also you can use since a long time now where you do not have to add any code.

However, if you want to update an existing song here at Online Sequencer you still need to use the code of course  Wink
Or save a local file and drag it to, then save a new local file there and drag it to OS... Angel
thanks mystic u roc !
Added to Inspired by famous songs

Parody of Elvis Presley's - Love Me Tender
Added to Inspired by famous songs

Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book

I'm however inspired of the swedish version