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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Y would there be a last post? Keep trying and you will get it!
It's not for me actually but for others to find faster in big threads. If you post in the forum a link will appear in the
chat box only to the first post in the thread and that might be confusing especially for new visitors. That's why I'm
requesting a automatic "last post" feature in the chat so that the URL to every submitted post will look like this:

Of course links that appears in the chat should be correct and not show something old Nervous
[url=]Test61_V2 - Need more work[/url]

I'm still sleepy :sleepy:

One of the weirdest songs I've ever made Blush

Maybe something old but fun to make :rolleyes:

Another weird song Blush

I don't know, I was watching a documentary about eskimos, I heard calm and sad songs and got inspired. 
But as always it turns to something else, when I want to make a sad song it's getting happy, hehehe!  :D

Getting happy - or weird  :rolleyes:
[url=]Test65_V1 - Nostalgic[/url]

My wife died today so I'm very sad. How can I make songs now. Let's see...

She won't have pain and she won't have to suffer anymore, I'm trying to think like that.

Is this life all what we got? I don't think so. I'm looking forward to see her again.
The collection of my best sequences at this gorgeous site is going to be updated by the time.

Thank you for making it possible to me