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8-bit.... almost killed my pc today, how can I proceed...

Increased the volume on music box and 8-bit sine, now time for bed... Good morning Cheese
Small update of 134, previous post

Added a little more violin somewhere on the middle of the song.

Updated (corrected). I've discovered a weird false tone with the high violin notes on the middle of the song. 
It's hard to explain even if I want to, but I managed to remove the false sound with to add the notes like this: 
Violin upwards: F#7 - G#7 - A7 and at the same time downwards (F#7) C#7 - F#6......... well I tried  Upside_down

Thought it would be finished soon, later I discovered false chords, idk what happened. 
Right now I've corrected the chords and I've added some more violin but I'm still not
very pleased with the result. And it's familijar isn't it?
Maybe I could participate in some contest, but if there's rules I don't always understand what they mean. 
I'm older than most of you here so I've got some more experience maybe but I'm self taught and unable 
to make music and show it to others all my life, not until 2016-11-11. Now you know why I was so 
energetic, nervous and overwhelmed from start. Also, at that time my wife was dying by cancer and 
I was terribly unstable. However I've got a new girlfriend, let's see what will be...

If youv'e heard some of my songs and liked it, please make a suggestion about what is suitable for a 
contest depending on the rules. I'm currently thinking about dcsm's World Update Contest where I 
think I can put something already, working on it... I don't think I'm going to win because I've learned 
there's a lot of great musicans and composers at this place.

As I've said in the chat I'm in love with this song.
That style is maybe a part of my past, my previous life? Upside_down

Anyway, if nobody can tell if it's original or not I would like to add it
to my list of songs that is really my songs. (I hope)  Cheese

Currently WIP number 8 but I feel that I cannot add much more because 
the sound will be unclear and messy.

New: A litte concert harp (just spread out for filling) and pizzicato. 
I've also tried to correct the violin, I'm still not pleased with it. 
And I've increased the volume on the grand piano a bit.

At first I thought that I could participate to the World Update Contest 
with this song, then I realized it's probably not a original.
WIP removed, 135 is now [url=]Test135_V1_790147[/url]

I'm thinking about to make another extended version (V2) later someday.

Then I have to start a new sequence maybe because the "based on" feature doesn't work anymore?