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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Test103_V1_735680_8-bit fun_WIP[/url]  Cheese
[url=]Test103_V1_735680_8-bit fun_WIP[/url] is updated

Last night I discovered that the 8-bit square notes was too low and cannot be heard properly
on cheap pc speakers. I've tried to fix it now but I'm still not very pleased. Let's see...
[url=]Test103_V1_735680_WIP[/url] is updated

"8-bit fun" is removed from the title and also I've removed most of the disturbing 8-bit square 
notes on the first part so one can hear the melody better. I'll maybe add something else later.

Retro innovative? Upside_down

Added more noise ZZzzZ
[url=]Test104_V1_737603_WIP-3[/url] corrected......

Still no sleep cus something was wrong. It was 2 bad low notes in the first part... now at last... ZZzzZ

And I've corrected some bass notes Oops
[url=]Test104_V1_737603_WIP-3[/url] will be WIP-4 soon I hope. 

I'm experimenting with the settings because I think it got too loud? I've tried with to
reduce the volume already but it's a little tricky. Also I've added some synth pluck 
in the beginning to make a softer start but... 

I've put all notes on this song spontaneously, I don't really know what to do next. 
Maybe I should remove the first half (1-14) completely, it's a little weird isn't it?

Let's see..........  Upside_down

Cannot do more for now, good luck little song Cheese