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Was playing with the jazz guitar and this happened. I think I've heard similar in the past Wink
I really have to buy a new computer but I'm still saving up to it and I must go to the expensive dentist first.
What's strange now is that I cannot play songs properly in Firefox but it runs much better in an older version of Opera....?
"Bugs" often depends on a too old computer that isn't updated for long and if the software isn't backwards compatible
so I'm looking for a new better PC. But I cannot understand why it's so different between two browsers.

Edited, corrected hopefully.

It shouldn't sound exactly like that. Hope I can fix it someday.

Updated 11 times so far. I've added slap bass, e-drums and some more trombone.

Early WIP
Test152_V1_846905_WIP will be changed to [url=]Song10_V1_846905_WIP[/url] soon Smile

Replaced with test 152
[url=]Test154_V1_851354[/url] isn't WIP anymore, I plan to make version 2 someday.