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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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It sounds weird at first but... but I love this song among many other songs in the same genre Blush
For some reason I remember Neneh Cherry, an old favourite
Failure... Tried to make hip hop... but it can be... it can be Cheese

Sounds like "bom bom baram" ... what is it?? Cheese
Trying to make it better with some percussion

Grand piano, 8-bit and percussion, reverb and delay, hope it's playable  Huh

374 is fun, had to make a recording Cheese
SoundCloud - test374_v1_1369930_wip-7
Update on the main post
If Online Sequencer is down you can still make your music at and save a local file
that you can drag to the Online Sequencer when it's up again. Notice, currently the beta instruments
is implemented, it means you don't need to add a code in the console.
[url=]Test322_V1_1257915[/url] - updated & now a little faster

New recording
SoundCloud - test322_v1_1257915_wip-7b