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I saw the "new"? message in the new sequencer window: New here? Check out the tutorial

It's nice but the many new windows I open it's annoying. I think the message could be placed permanent 
on the right side of the Save button or even better it could be in white text at the black area to the right. 
I've mentioned it before but they won't listen and now when I see the message is changed I thought they
could move it as well. But it's maybe very complicated to change the interface? I will never understand
coding myself. I've only tried a free version of Delphi ages ago and failed. But there I could see the
interface like HTML wysiwyg and it seemed to be quite easy to change. Well I was just thinking.
[url=]Test167_V1_900743_WIP[/url]  was updated again yesterday but something is missing so it's
still work in progress. But today I wanted to start another project, let's see what will be.

Edit: I've increased the volume of the percussion now though.
Today I'm working on a song in memory of my wife who died August 21, 2017.

OOTD means One Of These Days - a new and more serious version than the one before Crying

[url=]One of these days_902582_WIP[/url]

It's long and currently not complete, maybe 80 % 
But I can promise it won't be longer, I just need to fix it and add something more.

[url=]OOTD_E-guitar + more test[/url]
If I succed with something there it will be moved to the original above.
Words recently at my Discord channel.

A question about One of these days that was made especially for my deceased
wife one year ago in August 21, 2017 [url=]One of these days_902582[/url]

I've also made a copy where I've added more stuff and I wonder if I should
move it to the original? [url=]OOTD_E-guitar + more test[/url]

I'm still updating the copy... want it to be even better
But sometimes it could be "overworked". And I wonder if I should add bass drums?? least in the louder part later...

I'm not crying too much nowadays since I have met a new woman but especially
one year after someone died one use to show attention to the memory of the dead.
But of course my wife was special. Nobody can replace her ever.
I apologize. I was drunk and probably said stupid things yesterday. I got emotional
about my deceased wife. But it is not good to drink alcohol. It is not a good solution. 

Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke. Be healthy, stay alive and make another song Wink
It's what I should do anyway.
[url=]OOTD_E-guitar + more test[/url]

The copy of One of these days is getting noisy, at least partly. 
If I succed with this sequence it will be moved to the original.
[url=]OOTD_8-Bit_+ E-guitar_test [/url]

8-Bit warning Oops

The 8-Bit intruments triangle and sine is currently added only at the end of this second
copy of One of these days. I don't think I want the 8-Bit problem in the original.
I've decided to make the two copies shorter of One of these days so theres ony the new stuff,
because if the title says 8-Bit for example they will have to listen the whole song before it's
there, it must be confusing. There wasn't time for that before, I'll do it asap.

Edit: Nope it wasn't that easy  Heh
About the previous post...
That wasn't easy, the song will lose something if I make it shorter.
So it's maybe better to add more of whats mentioned in the title then  Nervous ZZzzZ