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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Maybe this should be a parody instead, I don't know...



Inspired_17_1204592_WIP is almost complete Smile
About Test295_V1_1204592_WIP 

I've extended the song, corrected the percussion a bit, added some more flute and an ending.
If I find the original and if it sounds too much the same the title will be changed from 295 to Parody.

I'm thinking about to change the title soon but I'm not really sure it's my song or something I remember from the past Wink

However, my brother recognizes the song so I will probably change the title soon...
Please help me find the original? Smile

The title is now changed to Parody17_1204592_WIP

New 295 because the previous sequence was changed to Parody 17.
This almost a parody of something. I'll try to make it different Angel

Test296_V1_1208753_WIP is almost complete.

I've added intro 8 measures this morning and percussion yesterday.
It's a little weird song where some parts reminds about old music.
Test296_V1_1208753_WIP is updated maybe for the last time. I should not add more.