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This is just for fun...

I cannot record streaming audio on my computer anymore
 and I'm too lazy to unplug the HDMI cable to see if it helps...Heh

A mystic person is online trying to find the best way to record streaming audio.

Found Free Sound Recorder - Warning! Some free apps may install a lot of unwanted stuff on your computer!

So I "asked" Dave and he said:
"To demonstrate one way to accomplish this task, I’m going to use Free Sound Recorder, though I definitely have some
reservations about the fact that it seems to also install some advertising junk and a Chrome extension without the option
of bypassing that “bonus”. When we’re done, I’ll show you how to axe the extension too. Unfortunately, just about
all “free” software seems to have some sort of way for the programmer to produce revenue, and often those approaches
aren’t at all end-user friendly".

It was written July 26, 2018 and I suppose that much have happened since then Huh

I don't understand everything! I just want to record my songs!!! Angry

Maybe time to unplug that HDMI cable Cheese

However, my problem was SOLVED 2019-09-09
Some maybe don't like 8-bit sawtooth on [url=]Test304_V1_1220306_WIP[/url]

I've made another version with 8-bit square instead: [url=]Test304_V2_1221257_No sawtooth[/url]
[url=]Test305_V1_1221743_WIP[/url] har been WIP-3 the last hours but I'm still updating it.

WIP = work in progress and WIP-3 is of course the third update. So if you see WIP-4
the update is maybe not yet done. Mostly I only add a new number if there's a new
instrument or if I've added percussion or if I've extended the song. When the song
is finished you will see _FIN at the end of the title.

At the second part that I had to add triangle bass notes, not only to make it cool because at
least one of the notes sounded much lower than the other notes next to it! Nervous

I know that layered notes might fool me but 8-bit cannot be layered same as other instruments.

In this case it is the C#3 note on measure 20 where I had to hide the error with a triangle C#2 note.
I can finally record my songs! This means that I can now record streaming audio again! Smile

I was wrong about the HDMI cable, it has nothing to do with this. For some days ago after a major update of Windows 10 I couldn't
record streaming audio with Audacity 2.1.2 anymore, an old version that I actually liked better. Yesterday I installed the latest version
of Audacity 2.3.2 and since I reset the settings I had to make new settings. This is how it should be. "Högtalare" means speakers in
English. You may need to increase the volume on your computer and make other changes to the sound in the system settings.

Screenshot at my Discord - Audacity_Wasapi.png
I remember an old song posted here long ago... Dyslexia... Letters and numbers is just a mess...

How to find a song from 300 + ZZzzZ
Did i make this before? 1224001_WIP[/url]

I recently made a sequence inspired of the song I cannot find Cheese
I've updated Test 307. I've added my old song that inspired me at the
end of this sequence. I'm probably inspired of some other song as well.