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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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For you who can play 8-bit this is a mystic song  Cheese 
[url=]Test199_977116[/url] is updated again early this morning. I've tried to improve the percussion a bit and I've added distortion guitar. 
Warning: It's louder than my songs use to be. It's a little hard to adjust the volume properly.
[url=]Test 199[/url] is kind of "retro style"and I've added a new part from measure 37 that sounds more clear
and I'll try to make the whole song more clear if I can. 

The song is maybe louder than usual but I like different songs - from calm to not so calm  Bigeyes

Roxette and Per Gessle is one of many favourites when it comes a little louder music, I'm probably inspired.
[url=]Test196_V1_975066_WIP[/url] is updated. A calm song for once. Worth to improve?

I'm trying to make a cool xmas song for the December contest. It's not easy since the best songs is made already Nervous
By the way... [url=]Santas factory_974275_WIP[/url] is updated but... since it's an original song mixed
with old familiar stuff I'm afraid it won't be accepted for the contest  Oops

Anyway... the story behind this is that Santa and his coworkers is in a hurry to deliver the xmas presents  Nervous
"Secret" about the beta instruments in short  Bigeyes

Open a new sequence, then the console: ctrl+shift+i

Clear the console if you want to, I don't think it's necessary though...
Make sure that the markup to write is in the console first.

Copy the code below then paste it in the console  (Ctrl + V) and press Enter
Now the beta instruments should be at the bottom of the drop down menu.

insts=[]; for(i=0;i<instrumentSelect.length;i++) { insts.push(parseInt(instrumentSelect[i].value)) } for(i=0;i<settings.instrumentColors.length;i++) { if(!insts.includes(i)) { var opt = document.createElement("option"); opt.value = i; opt.text = settings.instruments[i]; instrumentSelect.add(opt); } }

I've got the information from a nice member here at the site. Me I don't understand such code  Upside_down

I like the flute but if the notes is too short or placed wrong there will be electric static sound similar to the 8-bit instruments. 
Maybe it will be better when I've got my new computer? I hope so.

Tried to make an xmas song... I think I failed  Cheese